MSU Science Park provides services to innovative projects and companies in line with the following stages of development.

Idea (Pre-Seed)

Free consulting services are provided to authors of technology projects right at the outset (Pre-Seed) to help determine the overall strategy of the commercialization project, the intellectual property protection, selection of funding sources and effective team building.


MSU Science Park promotes and supports seeding technology companies by offering assistance with:

  • elaborating and clarifying more detailed plans for the company’s medium and long term development involving the use of existing innovation infrastructure;
  • strengthening the project team by appointing young managers sourced from our specialized training programs. (MSU Science Park offers programs such as "Success Formula", "Formula Bio" and "Formula IT" to attract undergraduate students, graduates and young scientists at Moscow University to work on development projects);
  • attracting the first rounds of funding from the State. (Various funding programs are available including the fund for the Assistance of Development of Small Companies in scientific and technological areas, the Russian Venture Company fund, the "Skolkovo" grant program, the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Business of Moscow program, etc.). Private funding sources are also available.

With our support, more than 150 projects have received funding both from private and public sources.


Once the product emerges and initial funding is secured for a project, MSU Science Park provides the following services:

  • attracts investment sources for subsequent stages of the project. Funding sources include the "RUSNANO" corporation and other private and state/public venture funds
  • creation of financial models
  • preparation of business plans
  • creation of specialized presentations
  • development of investment memorandums
  • investment road shows
  • market research
  • technological and operational legal reviews
  • legal reviews
  • risk assessment
  • building of strategies to protect intellectual property

Mature companies, anchor clients of MSU Science Park

For companies that have already sold their high-tech products or services on the market, we offer the following services:

  • facilities to attract funding for developing new products or services;
  • joint launching of prospective spin-off projects and associated services (choice of funding sources, preparation of the application or business plan, search, selection and shaping of the future project team and placing the project in NP MSU);
  • recruitment services for undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduate students from both MSU and other top Moscow universities;
  • search among scientific groups in different faculties of MSU for those registered with the relevant R & D skills who can work to assist these companies;
  • search for potential partners;
  • Business-to-government (B2G) commercial interaction for our clients.

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